Portable Lint Remover Pet hair Incredibility Effective

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Type: Dogs

This Portable Lint Remover Pet Hair Remover is an incredibly effective tool. It uses a wood and pure copper blade to quickly and effectively remove pet hair from surfaces like double-sided cashmere, suede, and woven fabric. This portable lint remover is specifically designed for dogs and is available in white, black, blue, and wood color options and 17x13cm/6.2x7.5cm size. Its convenient portability and efficient design make it a go-to tool for pet hair removal.

Material: Wood
Colour: White, Black, Blue, Wood
Size: 17*13cm/6.2x7.5cm
Material: Wood + pure copper blade, Plastic
Uses Pet Hair Brush, Double-sided cashmere, Suede, Woven Fabric, etc.
Clothes shaver: Lint removers


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