Pet Carrier Trolly & Transparent Cat Dog Backpack

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Our Pet Carrier Trolly & Transparent Cat Dog Backpack features the ultimate in pet mobility and convenience. The detachable trolly is perfect for moving your pet safely and securely, while the transparent windowed backpack design offers breathable air and visibility. Sturdy and durable, this product is perfect for trips and outings.

  • The non-carded bubble box uses silent and wear-resistant universal wheels, which are unimpeded and noisy, have 360° adjustable steering, and no pressure when travelling on flat roads.
  • The box has a soft ice pad to make the cat more comfortable sitting and lying.
  • In case of rough and bumpy roads, the handle on the top of the box is recommended to lift the cat bag for walking.
  • The weight of the non-card bubble box is lighter than most cat bags on the market, and it is easy to carry.
  • It can accommodate pets under 9 kg to maintain a comfortable posture, turn around, or move quickly without stress.
  • The non-card bubble box is designed with two rows of vents with a diameter of 30mm on the top.
  • There are eight small interactive windows with a length of 115mm, which can be extended into half a hand to comfort the cat, to ensure that the cat can breathe freely as possible.
  • Perfect for Travelling. 


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