Cat Stick Feathers Toy

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Satisfy your cat's play and hunting instincts: The cat toy is very flexible and durable for cats to play with, and the rod expands up to 3 around the joints for teasing. In addition, the rods can be pulled out, and snapped into place and are much shorter for easy storage.

Material: Fiberglass telescopic rod, EVA foam handle, pure natural chicken feather, and metal bell. A soft, non-slip foam handle ensures that the necking process stays in hand.

This cat hair toy contains 11 feathers, mice, and worms and can be easily removed from the rope or buckle. In addition, you can change the head of the trailer to make your cat more interesting.

With this teaser cat toy, your cats of all ages can have fun. Cats flip, jump, bump, and hunt these feathered toys. This way, your cat can stay healthy and fit for life. Feather toys have bells to attract the cat's attention. The best cat toys are fun for people!

It's a super interactive toy that builds trust and friendship between you and your cat for hours of fun for the whole family. Please let us know if you have any problems with your cat toys.

Package Contents: 2* Funny Cat Stick 10* Bell Feather

• Big Up Pet Shop Cat Toy Interactive Cat Feather Stick, Kitten Toy has one Retractable Cat Stick Toy and 11 Pieces Natural Feather Tease Replacement with Bell, Retractable for Indoor Kitten Old Cat Exercise


Toys Type: Feather Toys
Type: cats
Material: feather


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