Big Up Pet Shop Acrylic Betta Fish Tank: Multi-Cell Isolation, Self-Circulating Filtration, Eco-Friendly Aquarium for Kids Gifts

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Enhance your aquatic experience with Big Up Pet Shop's Acrylic Betta Fish Tank, featuring multi-cell isolation areas and self-circulating filtration for optimal water quality. This innovative tank creates an eco-friendly habitat, free from the need for water changes. Perfect for kids' gifts, this 2KG tank boasts a 2L volume, ideal for betta fish. Crafted from durable acrylic, it ensures longevity and safety for your aquatic pets. Elevate your fishkeeping game with Big Up Pet Shop today


Brand Name: Big Up Pet Shop

Type: fish

Weight: 2KG

Aquariums Type: Fish Bowls

Volume: 2L

Material: Acrylic