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Introducing our 5pcs/Set Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Scissors Suit - the ultimate grooming kit for your beloved furry companions! Designed with precision and comfort in mind, these professional-grade scissors from Big Up Pet Shop are a must-have for every pet owner and professional groomer.

Crafted from durable stainless steel, these scissors are built to last. Say goodbye to rust and hello to long-lasting grooming sessions. With a set of five scissors in one package, you're getting unbeatable value for your money.

Designed specifically for dogs, our grooming scissors ensure a comfortable and safe grooming experience for your pets. The rounded tips provide extra safety, eliminating the risk of accidentally poking your pet's skin. Plus, they keep you and your children safe from scratches during grooming sessions.

Each scissor is meticulously handmade for excellent accuracy and sharpness. The sharp edge provides effortless shaping and finishing of all coat types, making grooming a breeze. Whether you're a professional animal barber or a pet owner, these scissors are perfect for achieving professional-quality results at home.

The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, allowing you to groom your pets for longer periods comfortably. The engineering structure ensures a firm grip, minimizing the risk of repetitive motion injuries.


  • Item Type: Right Hand Pet Scissors
  • Item Name: Professional Pet Dog Cat Grooming Scissors
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Cutting Scissors Length: 6.692 inch (Approx.: 17cm)
  • Thinning Scissors Length: 6.496 inch (Approx.: 16.5cm, 32 Teeth)
  • Up Curved Scissors Length: 6.692 inch (Approx.: 17cm)
  • Down Curved Scissors Length: 6.692 inch (Approx.: 17cm)
  • Comb:7.48 inch (Approx.: 19cm)
  • Color: Silver

Package includes:

  • 4 Scissors
  • 1 Comb

Please note:

  1. Size may vary slightly due to manual measurement, with a tolerance of ±1cm.
  2. Colors may appear different due to lighting and photography conditions. Please refer to the actual product for accurate color representation.

Upgrade your pet grooming routine with the Big Up Pet Shop 5pcs/Set Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Scissors Suit. Your pets deserve the best, and we're here to deliver