ZQCXLD-3D Luminous Stars Moon Wall Stickers Glow In The Dark Fluorescent Stickers

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Add a touch of celestial flair to your home with these ZQCXLD-3D fluorescent wall stickers. These stars, moon, and dots glow in the dark and create a dreamy atmosphere in any living room, kid's room, or hallway. An easy-to-apply and cost-effective way to brighten up your home.



Specification: Multi-piece Package

Scenarios: Wall

Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker

Model Number: LLA2221015

Material: PVC

Classification: Furniture Stickers

Classification: Switch Panel Stickers

Classification: For Wall

Classification: Window Stickers

Classification: For Refrigerator

Censor Code: HHYTTCC10445

Create a star-studded sky in your own home with ZQCXLD-3D's glow-in-the-dark wall stickers! These self-adhesive stars, moon, and dots provide a dazzling display of fluorescent light to bring a bit of the cosmos into your living room, kid's room, or hallway. Quick to apply, budget-friendly and out-of-this-world, these stickers will give your home a touch of celestial style!